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Sarah is a “doer” - she gets impatient with sitting around and thinking about what to do, and she’s very quick on her feet. She’s always a few steps ahead, processing everything around her very quickly and working to figure out how to react in a given situation. She thinks in facts, not feelings or metaphors. But she is flexible, willing and completely able to improvise or change her plans at the last minute. This is why she’s so good at impersonating others without giving herself away for so long. It’s also why - throughout season one - there are several references to Sarah being unable to stay in one place for too long. Even when she was acting as Beth, she quit the police force, which was something Paul later said Beth would never do. She cares more about her personal moral system than she does about any rules, and she is not afraid of breaking rules if the situation calls for it.

Nolan and Emily in 3.20 Revolution [x]

Who really should be ruler of the Seven Kingdoms?

Anyone but Stannis really.

Love Josh in The Originals. Pretty great interview as well ….